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Rain or Shine, Art Will Go On

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Mothers Art Crew Hosts CUNY Students and Love Your Block Event amid thunderstorms.

For the second year, the Concourse House Mothers Art Crew was visited by the CUNY City Tech Summer Architecture and Urban Design Immersion Program who assisted in the renovation of several of our public arts installations. We began the day by walking the students around the neighborhood, to help give them an understanding of our Bronx community and the role of public arts in Fordham-Bedford. Former residents, now Mothers' Art Crew Mentors, Dayanara and Amanda gave student insight into their experiences as residents and as artists.

“I really liked the messages and symbols behind all of the art projects. They were all very meaningful and lifted the community. I think it was very creative to have the mothers encapsulate their memories in the wind chimes. It gives them a positive thing to look back on,” a CUNY student told CH.

CUNY students were able to participate in the installation of the crochet murals known well by residents, Bosque Verde and Blossom Tree, paint shoes for our ongoing Kicks in the Sky project, created in collaboration with Charles G. Esperanza, and work with Design Advocates on our upcoming Sound Pavilion.

“The mothers who were there to guide us were extremely welcoming. It is nice to know that people in need can still experience joy in their lives,” Cindi Sosa, a CUNY student, explained.

For the remainder of the day the Mothers Art Crew hosted Love Your Block which welcomed CH residents and neighbors to come lend a helping hand in the continued installation of our crochet murals. The event opened up the crew to charming interactions with the local ice seller and Julio the fruit vendor, a figure of the neighborhood who works daily in front of one of our crochet murals.

Despite weather hiccups throughout the day, including heavy rain and lightening, 25 CUNY students, 10 residents, 20 neighbors and our Mothers' Art Crew of 7, nearing a total of 60 neighbors stepped up to ensure the renovation of some of our major public art projects.

Thank you to all those that participated, we hope to see you again!

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