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Art Team Interns Bid Farewell to Years of Memories

Alanna, Jamie and Adrianne have been interns at Concourse House for three years, two years, and one year restively. During their time at Concourse House they have worked on numerous crochet and paint murals, books, fundraisers, programs and art projects. Their internships were supported by Manhattan College as a part of work study but have grown into something much more impactful than just a job. 

Alanna Cordero started as an intern in 2021 after attending a career fair at the college. She was seeking a role working in an art program in a women’s shelter, which is how she met Jess Rolls. 

Alanna’s favorite project has been the sound pavilion. A project started in 2021 amid the COVID-19 Pandemic when a need for more outdoor spaces for the mothers arose. The goal of the pavilion is to provide a peaceful space to escape and relax from stress. Hanging from the roof of the pavilion are wooden windchimes and objects frozen in resin to create a soothing sound. 

Alanna explained that she enjoyed this project because of how it helped capture special moments in the lives of the mothers. She went on to say that Yafatou, one of the former mothers, expressing the symbolism of how she loved her kids with the resin and Brandy’s use of her sonogram were examples of these captured moments. 

Concourse House was not what Alanna would have expected of her internship. “You never know what kind of day you’re going to have, whether it be a full day of prep, full day of program or working with clients,” Alanna said. 

No matter what the work day entails, Alanna says that it can be rewarding staying on her feet and constantly connected and forgiving, knowing that if she makes a mistake there will always be people to support her. “Working with the mothers gave me an unconventional community of unity,” Alanna said. “These are not people I would regularly interact with but we are able to find a connection with the mothers and find similar struggles or triumphs.”

Jamie Robbins internship began in 2022 when she was taking a religion class at Manhattan College based around social teaching and community learning. As a part of her class she was required to take 25 hours of community service. In reading the descriptions of all the different organizations she was drawn to Concourse House. Once her 25 hours ended, Jess asked her to stay on the team.  

For Jamie, her favorite project to work on has been the blossom tree. A beautiful, over four feet tall tree made of numerous pink, red and white crochet blossoms and beads. “We call it the tree of friendship,” Jamie said. “It has been up for many years and gone through many waves of mothers and how many hands it has been on. It symbolizes love.” many years its been up, waves of mothers it's gone through.”

Her favorite memory at Concourse House was when she was given the opportunity to make her own crochet piece– the sunflower on 196th and Grand Concourse by the fruit stand. “It made me happy and it shows the multi-general crocheting here,” Jamie said. “Dianara taught me and I got to make my own.”  

Working here has helped Jamie to realize she wants to work in the nonprofit world with people everyday. “Apart from women in transitional housing they have so much more to them and it has reduced the stigma in my mind,” Jamie said. 

“I love working with the mothers and talking to them because a lot of them are close to my age,” Jamie said. “They are good people, everyone at Concourse House is a really great person.”

Adrianne Hutto, the last intern to join in 2023 was introduced to the job by Jamie when the need for a digital intern arose. After meeting with Jess, Adrianne was invited to join the team to help Concourse House make a public art book and has stayed on since. 

Her favorite project to work on has been the recipe book. The recipe book features recipes from herself, Charles and the other mothers and drawings made by the children at Concourse House. This project is especially special for her because it combines her love of food and cooking. 

Adrianne’s favorite memory was Art on the Concourse. Art on the Concourse is the yearly fundraising event at Concourse House where food is served and various items made by the mothers, interns and Servium Seniors are sold. Adrianne explains that having a number of her friends and her mother attending the event and getting to see the work her and the other interns had worked on over the past few months was very exciting. 

Concourse House has provided Adrianne with amazing experiences and opportunities. “It allowed me to work with some of the kindest, friendliest people in the world,” Adrianne said. “I’m given the opportunity to use my creative skills every day, which is really unique in a professional setting.”

Concourse House has been an important place for Adrianne, Alanna and Jamie throughout their college journey. The memories and experiences they have had while working at Concourse House and interning in the Art Program will last a lifetime. 

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