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The Dignity Mural


Dignity, a project introduced by former mother Francesa, is one meant to remind our community that no matter what your struggles are, where you are, or who you are, you must remember to have dignity for yourself and deserve to be treated with dignity by others. When first crafting this project, Francesa expressed trying to find the balance between being stern, strong, confident, and authoritative in her life while giving herself grace and taking every day softly and gentetay. 


We taught her about the crochet murals we create. That we make them with the goal of communicating a message to others living in the shelter and the neighborhood community. We showed her the Blossom Tree and the Let it Go hoop with the goal of helping her to understand the mission of our murals. The beauty of the crochet murals is that it gives a voice to the Mothers’ Art Crew and allows them to make an impact on the community. 


Francesa was given the Christmas holidays to work on a design idea for the fence. She was given no direction or barriers, and when she returned she had come up with Dignity. The drawing was done in beautiful bright colors and featured a small image of herself and her son. 


From there, the Dignity project was born. As other moms entered the shelter and participated in art program, it became a right of passage for them to assist on the project in any way possible. What started as the idea from one became many hands working to help make Dignity possible. 


Shortly after the project began, Francesa found housing. However, the project still continued on with help from mothers and interns; and now the Dignity project is nearing completion. 


What makes Dignity so special is that it has a different meaning to everyone who has been involved with it. But overall, it connotes strength, individual power and respect for everyone. 


Jamie, one of the Art Interns at Concourse House, has led the Dignity project since the beginning. She said about the project that, “Dignity means that I have autonomy and I matter. i I love what it symbolizes and has many meanings as opposed to past projects, such as Peace, which have one straightforward meaning. The brightness of the colors help to convey a welcoming, fun and inviting spirit of the project.” 


Ruminating in Francesa,'s words and looking at her drawing, it invoked a sort of guide that slowly but surely grows one's self-dignity. Using the letter of each word I created a guide that helps me ground myself on my hardest days and reminds me that i am someone who has worth and give myself the time, grace and respect I need to grow and prospers. Having self respect and dignity is a key to loving ones true potential, thank you Francesa, for teaching me that.


Decide what is worth your energy 

Introduce yourself to a different perspective 

Give yourself grace time and time again 

Notice what your body is telling you 

Imagine, create, and reflect 

Take your time 

You will be okay, you are exactly where you need to be 



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