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Grace Gelder (2022)

Amanda, Dayanara, Yafatou 

Exhibition Audio Tour

Listen to our mother artists, children and curator speak about their exhibition You are more than Enough, in their podcast produced by Chrystal Genesis, award-winning producer of Stance arts and culture podcast. 

About the Exhibition 

You are more than enough follows the journeys of the women’s transition from Concourse House shelter and shifts the narrative from individuals trying to get out to making a life of their own, helping each other emotionally, physically, and creatively. 


Using public sculpture, crochet, weaving, beading, writing and songwriting, the exhibition explores themes of peace, recovery, belonging and friendship. 


The exhibition takes shape as a neighborhood art walk. Art installations are located at Concourse House, Home for Women and Their Children, Refuge House and Serviam Campus (map below). On route you will find crochet murals and texts, paintings and sneaker art located on the exterior of our buildings, local bodegas, subway stations, sidewalks and more.


The exhibition is curated by Concourse House arts curator Jess Rolls in affiliation with Concourse House and Fordham Bedford Community Services.

Listen to the podcast in full here
(26 min 37 sec)

Listen to the podcast in chapters here:


Chapter 1: Introduction to the exhibition You are more than Enough by Chrystal Genesis [48 sec] & Curator Jess Rolls [3 min 50 sec]



Chapter 2: “Brace up” by artist Yafatou Sarr [5 min 14 sec]





Chapter 3: Blossom Tree by artist Dayanara Savinon [6 min 3 sec]

Chapter 4: Let it Go, Peace & Bosque Verde by artists Daynara Savinon (3 min 56 sec) & Amanda Renee (1 min 3 sec)























Chapter 5: Kicks in the Sky by Charles Esperanza [1 min 48 sec]

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 Photo Credits: Jess Rolls (2022), Isabelle Gutierrez (2021), Justin Sorensen, Design Advocates (2022),  Richard Koek (2021),  Aaron Soler, Charles Esperanza (2022)

Artist-Apprentices Team

Concourse House Mother Artist-Apprentices Team, Serviam Hall.

Photo credit  Maria Riviera (2022)

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