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Sammy Cortez


Since joining on with the Mothers' Art Crew, Sammy has taken a lead with the 'DIGNITY' and Sound Pavilion Projects. Sammy decided to join the art program because one of the other mothers, Adriana, told her about it and she was pushed to get out of her shell. Joining the program helped her to get out of her funk, make friends again and be around other adults.

Sammy appreciated the encouragement that the art program has given her. “It reminded me that I can still do these things. I felt so appreciated.” She is most excited to see the outcome of the projects she has started working on. Sammy’s focus has been primarily on crochet. Sammy began crocheting when she was 11 and stopped, but got back into it after coming to Concourse House and being encouraged. “It’s re-grounding.” For Sammy, crochet allows her to be meditative and present.

The ‘DIGNITY’ project reminds her that she still has power and she will not let anyone tarnish that. “Mothers go through things that dim our light, but you have to be reminded that you’re strong.” In tandem with her experience as a mother, the program has given her a lot of experience working with young artists. Sammy has aspirations to be a teaching artist.

Sammy is looking forward to the completion of the Sound Pavilion. She has been instrumental in trouble shooting the instillation of this project. “I’m so excited for what it's [the apprenticeship] going to look like, what new things I'm going to learn. The new experiences I'm going to have with the sound pavilion.”

Sammy Cortez

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