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Justine Warren


J’ANNIYAH is a 20 year old multi-talented artist and mom whose accomplishments have included acting, singing, dancing, and writing of all forms. Born and raised in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, she has performed and worked with organizations such as Bailey’s Cafe, Irondale, BAM, City Lore, Keen Teens, The Laundromat Project, STOOPS, Concourse House, Home for Women and Their Children, and upcoming Fordham University. She has won awards in varying oratory competitions, partnered with the DOE OF NYC district wide, citywide, and regional. She has been awarded certificates for creativity and influential theater and has volunteered with St. John’s Bread and life. J’ANNIYAH is from Brooklyn, Bed Stuy and you’ll see that reflected in her art. J’ANNIYAH’s education is an accumulation of local knowledge, community mentorship and self-determination. J’ANNIYAH has received mentorship from community leader, Stephanie Siegal, Director of Bailey’s Cafe.

2021-present, Mental Health & Human Services, KingsBorough Community College, Brooklyn, NYC.

Experience working with older adults with special needs:
May 2023 - present, Home Health Aide Worker,
Cooperative Home Care Associates, Bronx, NYC.
Paramount Home Care Agency, Brooklyn, NYC.

Since May 2023, I have been a Home Health Aide Worker specializing in supporting older adults with special needs. I am a fully certified Home Health Aide and PCA (personal care assistant) supporting senior residents (ages 50 years - 104 years!). In this role, my day-to-day is to listen to the seniors’ care needs, especially mental health, physical health, and help their overall social wellbeing, sharing conversation, and feeling less alone. I have had the opportunity to work with and assist older adults who had extremely poor hearing, paraplegic, recovering from a stroke, suffering from arthritis or sclerosis and bringing them joy and human connection despite their pain and struggles.

Professional experience in adult arts education for community-based programs
Community-based organizations/programs I have worked with in Brooklyn & The Bronx:
1) Concourse House, Home for Women and Their Children (2023) - I’m part of the award-winning Mothers Art Crew, collaborating, teaching and mentoring young mothers in the shelter on spoken word, poetry and creative writing projects.
2) Fordham University, Center for Community Engaged Learning (2023) - This Fall I am teaching a spoke- word class entitled “Narrative and Justice: When Texts Talk” to college students /young adults
3) The Laundromat Project (2023) - I am a 2023 Create & Connect award recipient, with a focus on writing, performing with community engagement in Bed Stuy
4) Bailey’s Cafe (2012 - present) - I am a longtime collaborator of Bailey's Cafe performing at their neighborhood block events and community collaborations with STOOPS and Jackie Robinson Park in Bed Stuy

Justine Warren

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