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Adriana Hidalgo


Adriana Hidalgo will be a team member on public art installation and the Sound Pavilion Project. Adriana is one of the newest members of the Mothers’ Art Crew. She attended her first art program on her first day at Concourse House earlier this year. One of the mothers recommended the art program to her and because she wanted herself and her daughter to feel comfortable she attended. During this program they were given journals and told to choose one word to describe how it made them feel, her word was FAITH. Since then, Adriana and Athena, her daughter, have felt a sense of belonging.

Growing up, Adriana always enjoyed art and loved learning new things. She used to draw a lot, but is now excited about learning to crochet. “I want to keep going, I'm trying.” She has been a part of the Mothers' Art Crew's latest crochet public art mural-- ‘DIGNITY.’ To Adriana, dignity means being respected as a human being and a mother and being treated the same as everyone else.

Adriana enjoys seeing everyone come together, the mothers and the children. “You meet new people, you get to learn new things.” She appreciates that the children and mothers can enjoy art separately, without having to be worried. Now as an artist-apprentice, she's focused on her art whenever she can.

Adriana Hidalgo

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