Patrick Coyle, Alpha PIX, A-Z, illustrations (2020). Made for the children's remote learning packets at Concourse House during the intense months of COVID Patrick Coyles alphabet letters are original pieces and each hand drawn. Families used the drawings as coloring-in fun and a teaching tool for children to learn their A-Z's. For one child, she recited her alphabet for the very first time in our Concourse House Garden this summer. Other Concourse House children designed their own A-Z illustrations inspired by Patrick's beautiful designs. We are so grateful to our community of artists for making creative, colorful learning resources for our families. Thank you Patrick for your generous collaboration and the donation of these works for our fundraiser.



New York based Patrick Coyle is an artist who makes performances, texts, paintings and sculptures.



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"SIX-COLOR ALPHA-PIX"; A through N, signed illustrations


    11 x 9 1/4 inches mounted (4 x 5.5 inches actual)


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    Crayon on printer paper