Concourse House Graffiti Bag (2020). Hand Painted. Created by Concourse House Children with artist Lady K Fever and Melanie Gonzalez. Limited edition of 20. The bags were designed by Lady K Fever and our Concourse House children in the outside garden during on Thursday programming. They worked together on design and ideas on a large canvas piece. The canvas was then cut into bags and were then hand sewn by artist Melanie Gonzalez. The printed interior is made with material donated by Giulia Theodoli (Frida Pareos) and Materials For The Arts. Our thanks to artists and children for these beautiful items.



Concourse House Children in collabortion with Lady K Fever



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"Concourse House Graffiti Bag" (2020)


    average 14"X17"

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  • Medium

    Graffiti painting on canvas large tote bag