2020 Chalk on the Block (2020). Limited signed edition poster of original artwork by C.G. Esperanza. Esperanza created this painting specially for our 2020 Art on the Concourse virtual block party event. In his painting Esperanza features his collaboartive project Kicks in the Sky created with Children from Fordham Bedford Community Services' virtual Afterschool program. Paired with children drawing with chalk on the side walk, graffiti streets and a Bronx sunset, Esperanza shares beautiful art emerging from an everyday Bronx sidewalk. Esperanza is an artist in residence with ChaShama's Space to Connect Program at Walton Avenue. Our thanks to Charles Esperanza for making this special poster with us.


Charles George Esperanza was born the second of six kids. The South Bronx is where he first opened his eyelids. A land shrouded in bright colored decay, the birthplace of graffiti and the hip-hop DJ! He paints fantasy worlds of elephants, and castles too! Accompanying this wonder is some whimsical truth. Charles has a voice that is seldom heard. A fusion of jazz, distorted guitars, and chirping birds. Author and Illustrator of "Red, Yellow,Blue and a dash of White too!"



The fair market value of this poster is $30.00.  If you would like to make a donation in an amount other than price suggested here, please contact fordhambedfordart@gmail.com. 

"2020 Chalk on the Block" Poster

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    Poster artwork painting by C.G. Esperanza